About Me & My Work

Written by: Christopher Horrell

When I was a child, I was always captivated by the image of photographs. Often times I would draw from photographs and try and match the scenery seen in the scene. Eventually this small practice would help me develop my imagination into creating something different. I would start drawing from my imagination, scenes that were familiar but at the same time had an unreal feeling to them. Fast forward years later and I suddenly found myself capturing photos of scenes or objects that left an impression on me. Whether it was a beautiful desert sunset or it was the gritty streets that had stories told simply just by looking at the pavement. These opposite spectrums had something in common. Creating a memory. I've always believed that as a photographer our jobs are simple, freeze time and create something timeless in the same click of the shutter.

The next process is simple to me when it comes to photography, blend my imagination with reality. Often times I will photograph a moment and instantly know what mood I want it to portray. If the photograph is a sunset I want the image to portray a timeless, relaxing, and awe feeling. On the other side if I photograph an older gritty part of the city then I'll adjust the photo to match that feeling I felt when first taking the shot. Adding a sense of unreal aspects while maintaining a very real feeling.

Most people have heard the phrase "I picture's worth a thousand words" and I still believe that holds true. When I click that shutter on my camera I want the image to tell me a story or have some sort of influence in it. I look to inspire people through my work. Most of the time we pass by these incredible moments without giving it a second guess. I want my work to give those moments recognition, it really makes us pay more attention to life happening all around us and I want others to notice these moments.